Platform for booking appointments in order to make use of the services of Public Administrations’ desks.

Why is it important to offer a system of online reservations?

The most convenient and quick way to make a reservation is online! In order to avoid crowds inside structures and useless wastes of time, it will be possible to book online one’s own access to the desired service choosing the date and hour of reservation.

Online booking

In order to optimize time management during desk service provisions, it is necessary to book an appointment by the competent office. In order to book, it is sufficient to insert one’s own data and select on the agenda, depending on the availability, the preferred date and time in which to show up at the institution. The system will send a confirmation via mail and, in the same way, a memo will be sent 24 hours before the appointment. The booked appointments can be cancelled or modified.

Bookable services

It will be possible to book online all the services that the institution decides to activate. The platform is already predisposed for bookings of:

  • AIRE – Public Register of Italians Living Abroad
  • Selling acts of registered vehicles
  • Authentications
  • Auto-certifications
  • Changes of address
  • Changes of residency
  • Electronic ID card
  • Certifications
  • Historical certifications
  • De facto cohabitations
  • Self-declarations
  • Voting cards
  • General information



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